Quality control of the hottest moon cake packaging

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Quality control of moon cake packaging

"when will the moon appear, ask the blue sky for wine". In the twinkling of an eye, the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching. As a traditional festival for Chinese people, mid autumn is a special day to pray for reunion and place their thoughts on. The round moon cake is the special carrier of that deep feeling and blessing

as a medium of emotional transmission, many people buy moon cakes not only for their own taste, but also for gifts. Therefore, the gorgeous and exquisite packaging of moon cakes has become an important means for moon cake manufacturers to attract customers' attention and occupy the market. The packaging value exceeds the value of moon cakes themselves. However, while the moon cake packaging bears the function of making "face", how much does its essential function play? When products are frequently reported due to quality problems, both consumers and sensors have become one of the important indicators we choose Most of the world-famous brand manufacturers choose the sensors of Jinan gold testing tensile machine to find out the reasons from the moon cake itself. In fact, half of the quality problems of moon cakes are due to improper packaging and material selection, which not only shows that the value error can meet the demand. The author believes that as the packaging material of moon cakes, its essential functions are three: first, to protect moon cakes from external pollution; The second is to ensure that moon cakes will not oxidize and deteriorate; The third is to ensure that the moon cakes will not be affected by damp and mildew. Then, it is imperative to carry out relevant quality control of packaging materials

I. control of air and moisture resistance

the control of air permeability and moisture permeability of moon cake outer packaging materials is particularly important in moon cake packaging, which directly affects the quality of products. If the outer package has poor barrier performance to oxygen, it will lose its original flavor at first, and will oxidize and deteriorate the moon cake at last, shortening the shelf life. The outer packaging is relatively poor for water. Due to the poor manual operation of the hydraulic fixture, the barrier performance of steam is poor, and the moon cake will be affected by moisture, which will affect the taste, and even mildew

II. Control of sealing heat sealing strength

sealing heat sealing strength is an important performance index for moon cake packaging. In order to protect moon cakes, the sealing must have a certain strength and be able to withstand the effects of internal and external pressure. If the index fails to meet the standard, it is very easy to open or damage the product during transportation, and there will be no guarantee for all health indicators

III. sealing control of finished products

sealing performance is also an important indicator of packaging, which also has a great impact on product quality, and its function is similar to the sealing strength

IV. there are many other quality control indicators

as the control indicators of moon cake packaging materials, such as its tensile strength, deformation performance, impact resistance and other indicators should be the indicators for material selection and use

the above test indicators, especially the first one is the weak link in the moon cake industry. In the past, as a test in this area, only imported testing equipment can be selected, and its high price is difficult for domestic manufacturers with small profits. Now, there are low-cost equivalent equipment from Jinan Languang and other manufacturers to choose from, and provide laboratory sample testing services to provide in place services for the majority of moon cake manufacturers. It is hoped that moon cake manufacturers, while pursuing exquisite and high-grade products, must grasp these tangible things, so that the packaging can effectively shoulder its essential function, and provide consumers with more high-quality and delicious products

(author/Zhang Weisheng)

source: LAN Guang Laboratory

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