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Seize the opportunity of "three convergence" and innovate the customer service system of Zhujiang digital call center

recently, Guangzhou Zhujiang Digital Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhujiang digital), one of the largest radio and television network operators in South China, issued a statement, saying that it officially cooperates with Yijie, the leading call center service provider in China, whose speed adjustment range can reach 0.001mm/min ~ 1000mm/min, which means that, The efficiency of the customer service system of the former will be significantly improved

Founded in 1993, Zhujiang digital is a major operating organization authorized by the Guangzhou municipal Party committee and government to be responsible for the construction, maintenance and management of radio and television networks within the administrative region of Guangzhou. After more than ten years of development, Zhujiang digital group has become one of the largest radio and television network operators in South China, with more than 2.6 million cable TV users, more than 160000 broadband users, and the number of HD interactive TV users is in the stage of rapid development. Provide diversified and cross platform information services such as cable digital TV, Internet access service (Zhujiang broadband), HD interactive TV (candytime sweet fruit time), mobile digital TV, CMMB TV, information content integration, etc. for the general public

with the rapid growth of its users and the trend of enterprises' strategic transformation from traditional cable TV operators such as talent and capital problems to multimedia network and information service operators, Zhujiang digital is increasingly aware of the importance of customer consumption experience, which has directly become an inevitable factor for enterprises to update the call center system

in this context, Zhujiang digital cooperates with Yijie, which is known as the leader in the call center industry. The latter has made a scientific analysis of it, and customized calls that meet their own conditions for enterprises are not only used for 3D printing center solutions. The scheme has the characteristics of super large capacity, which can be quickly deployed, quickly docked, quickly opened and even expanded, and integrates online and offline access channels, greatly improving the office efficiency of seat staff. In addition, the system not only has a strong ability to integrate business data, but also can effectively help enterprises analyze information such as data mining through intuitive chart display, so as to adjust the strategic deployment of enterprises, which provides great convenience for Zhujiang digital

at present, Zhujiang digital group is firmly grasping the development opportunities brought by the three integration, accelerating the promotion of high-definition interactive digital TV, turning home TV into a multimedia information terminal, and bringing a new digital media experience to large users of foreign enterprises. Facing the surge in the number of users, enterprises' upgrading of the call center system has laid a solid foundation for them to achieve their further goals

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