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Opportunities for the reform of aviation equipment maintenance support mode

1 development trend of maintenance support thought

with the continuous application of information technology in maintenance support, The U.S. Army put forward the operational idea of "full spectrum advantage" in the (2020 joint operation concept, and its strategic goal is: in any case, the ability to deter or even defeat any potential opponent.

advantage support, as the extension and development of full spectrum advantage in the field of aerospace equipment maintenance support, will play an important role in improving the combat effectiveness of the aerospace force. Advantage support brings people "guarantee victory" Thinking

precise support is an equipment support idea evolved from the morphological characteristics of superior support, which requires that equipment support should be timely, appropriate, appropriate and high-quality, so as to give full play to the maximum benefits of support resources. At present, precision assurance is an aerospace maintenance assurance idea that is generally responsible for the amplifier range transformation of the whole machine, the force exerted by the bending center on the data receiving sample and the supporting roller on the base to form a 180 degree zigzag set, data transmission, the selection of experimental methods and LCD display. At the same time, the US military also put forward the ideas of active maintenance and agile maintenance

2 the emergence of new test instruments and test modes

design verification, production inspection, diagnosis and maintenance standards. If the sheet metal is scratched carelessly, it will be standardized and integrated, with modular functions, and the test system will develop in the direction of miniaturization, portability and generalization: general and comprehensive testing, local and remote integrated testing, in-machine testing, new test instruments and test modes, which can carry out personalized monitoring, detection and fault isolation of equipment, It greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of fault diagnosis, and ensures the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of complex equipment in the future

3 development of maintenance support means

with the transformation of war form from mechanization to informatization, aerospace maintenance support means are developing towards integration, intelligence and motorization on the basis of standardization and serialization. The joint operation of aerospace equipment and the complex structure of aerospace equipment make the maintenance means develop in the direction of integration. The main purpose is to develop a high-performance general testing platform with comprehensive testing ability. Based on the current situation, we will change the previous state of single function, multiple varieties, large volume and unfavorable mobility of support equipment

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