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Opportunities and challenges coexist. China electromechanical trade expo promotes win-win results in the industry.

from November 2 to 4, many cutting-edge products in the field of electromechanical new energy will appear on the stage at the "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo" held at Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center

it is understood that the Expo will set up several parallel exhibition areas in combination with the characteristics of various fields in the industry to display the advanced equipment, technology and solutions in the electromechanical industry at home and abroad. Among them, many theme exhibitions around emerging fields such as "intelligence" and "new energy" are the first "landing" of the electromechanical trade expo. According to cecs25:90 long, the technical specification for concrete structure reinforcement of Chen Xiao, chairman of electromechanical house, the organizer of "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo", the Expo is held in the hope of deepening industrial exchanges and interactions, allowing electromechanical enterprises to share and explore development experience, and promoting win-win results in the industry

facing the global energy crisis and the global warming and air pollution caused by the burning of fossil energy, countries all over the world have turned their attention to new energy. As a major energy consumer, China has also made many explorations in the field of new energy

according to data, in less than a decade, China has not only reached the first place in the world in terms of wind power generation, but also, as the world's largest solar power generation country, the output of solar panels accounts for more than half of the world's output

Nur Baikeli, director of the National Energy Administration of China, pointed out at the "fourth Energy Forum": "in the past three years, the installed share of renewable energy power generation in China has increased from 31.1% to 35.1%, and the share of power generation has increased from 20.3% to 25.6%, which is the period of the fastest growth of renewable energy and the greatest adjustment of energy structure since the founding of new China."

"with the support of many governments, such as Jiangxi Wanjia roof policy, Zhejiang million roof policy, Shandong million roof policy, our industry has caught the 'high-speed train' of development." Xie Huan, the marketing manager of Zhejiang Chint New Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chint), a participant in the 2017 China electromechanical trade expo, said that in addition to complying with the energy development trend, the development of wind power, photovoltaic and other industries is inextricably linked to the support of national energy policies

the implementation of the "green and environmental protection" development strategy not only promotes the industry to make breakthroughs in material technology, equipment performance and other aspects, but also improves the public's acceptance of environmental protection equipment. The upgrading of technology and the expansion of the market have played a great role in promoting the development of the industry

with the support of policies, under the global trend of "developing clean energy", Chint has gradually grown from a small workshop producing low-voltage electrical appliances to a professional company engaged in the production and sales of photovoltaic modules, the investment, construction, operation and general contracting of external projects of photovoltaic power stations. In 2014, Chint acquired the photovoltaic module plant in Oden, Frankfurt, Germany, becoming the first domestic indenter type. Why? The origin also lies in the enterprises that purchase components of overseas photovoltaic plants

as a very important part of energy, the cleanness of electricity is self-evident. As one of the most dynamic means of power generation, the photovoltaic power generation technology that sounds "tall and tall" and the impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory has become an important equipment for material testing has already "flown into the homes of ordinary people"

Wuxi Fuwanjia new energy technology application Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fuwanjia), an exhibitor of this Expo, is using "photovoltaic power generation" technology to send green energy to thousands of households

relying on "rooftop power station", "solar street lamp" and other equipment, and following the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions, cleaning and efficiency, decentralized layout and nearby utilization, Fuwanjia encourages all kinds of power users to build distributed photovoltaic power generation systems through "spontaneous self use and electricity regulation", so as to make full use of local solar energy resources and replace and reduce fossil energy consumption

however, as a "young" industry, opportunities and challenges coexist in the field of new energy

Tan Yi, vice president of the Energy Research Institute of Dalian University of technology, once said in an interview that China's new energy industry has huge opportunities, but the situation is complex. Enterprises should strengthen exchanges and cooperation, master core technologies, and achieve scientific research and innovation, so as to win the market and realize the leapfrog development of the photovoltaic industry

it is reported that the "2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo" is hosted by the Zhejiang branch of China news service, Zhejiang Electromechanical industry association and electromechanical home, and co organized by the New Media Committee of the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang capital and Industrial Development Alliance and other units. The Expo will focus on the industrial development idea of "intelligence, technology, green and innovation", comprehensively expand the new space for the development of manufacturing industry, promote the strategic transformation of manufacturing industry, and build an exchange and communication platform for electromechanical enterprises to jointly explore the development mode and opportunities of the industry. (end)

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