At present, the development of stamping die techno

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At present, the development of stamping die technology presents three characteristics

die and press are two key factors that determine stamping quality, accuracy and production efficiency. Only equipped with advanced moulds, advanced presses can give full play to their functions and achieve good benefits. The development direction of mold is:

first, make full use of IT technology to develop mold design and manufacturing. The increasing requirements of users on the speed, accuracy and die change efficiency of the press have promoted the development of the die. The shape body and engine are two key components of the automobile. The automobile body mold, especially the large and medium-sized panel mold, is an important part of the automobile body manufacturing technology. Its technology is intensive, which reflects the level of contemporary mold technology. The design and manufacturing of body mold account for about three times of the automobile development cycle, and the time to support domestic enterprises to participate in international competition has become the main constraint for automobile type replacement. At present, it generally takes about 48 months for the world's cars to be upgraded, while it only takes 30 months in the United States. This car benefits from the application of cad/cae/ca to add annex M technology and three-dimensional solid automobile panel mold structure design software in the mold industry. In addition, the wide application of network technology provides a reliable information carrier and realizes remote design and manufacturing. At the same time, the application of IT technology such as virtual manufacturing will also promote the development of mold industry

second, shorten the test time of metal forming dies. At present, the main development of hydraulic high-speed test press and tensile mechanical press, especially in the mechanical press on the mold test time can be reduced by 80%, with great savings potential. The development trend of this kind of die testing mechanical press is to adopt multi link tensile press, which is equipped with CNC hydraulic tensile pad and has the functions of parameter setting and state memory

III. progressive dies in body manufacturing are developing rapidly. It is a well-known stamping technology to use the progressive blanking die or combined die to process the rotor and stator plate on the automatic punch, or to apply it to the plug-in work. In recent years, the progressive combined blanking die has been more and more widely used in the body manufacturing, and the coil is directly processed into formed parts and stretched parts with the progressive die. The processed parts are also getting larger and larger, eliminating the subsequent processes such as plate shearing, oiling, slab transportation and so on, which are necessary for the production of multi station presses and complete sets of molds. The progressive combined die has been widely used in the American automobile industry. Its advantages are 2. Cleaning and cleaning: high productivity, low die cost, no need for sheet cutting, and 30% savings compared with the stepped die used on the multi station press. However, the application of progressive combined die technology is limited by the stretching depth, the surface hardening of the edge material of the guided and transmitted strip. It is mainly used for simple parts with relatively shallow stretching depth, so it can not completely replace the multi position press. The vast majority of parts should be processed on the multi position press

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