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Application of carbon nitride superhard coating technology

experts and leaders:

I will report to the conference on behalf of Wuhan University Carbon Nitride research group and Wuhan University Hony new materials company. The topic of my report today is "Application of carbon nitride super coating technology in the field of metal cutting"

human beings have known for thousands of years that the hardest thing in the world is diamond, which is called diamond. So have been making unremitting efforts to find out if there is anything harder than diamond? In the past, in order to obtain a substance that does not exist in nature, we used the cooking method to increase or decrease some elements in practice, and achieved satisfactory results through thousands of attempts, or even longer

today 5 With the rapid development of science and technology, especially the advent of quantum theory and large-scale computers, the traditional way of studying materials has been completely changed. Computer simulation can be carried out in theory in advance, and then it can be found purposefully in practice. The carbon nitride superhard coating material we are studying and have realized industrialization does not exist in nature, which is the result of calculation with this method. In 1990, scientists such as M. L. Cohen of the University of California, USA, applied solid-state physics, quantum chemistry theory and computer technology to artificially design the crystal structure of carbon nitride compounds from the atomic and molecular levels, calculated its various properties, and found that its bulk modulus was close to or higher than that of diamond. Because the hardness of the material was proportional to the bulk modulus, it showed that the material might be close to or higher than that of diamond. This result was published in the American Physical Review, which attracted the attention of material scientists all over the world. There was an upsurge of research and application of new superhard materials in the world, and actively looking for manufacturing methods. In 1993, C. Niu, a professor at Harvard University in the United States, successfully obtained carbon nitride crystal films by combining laser evaporation of high-purity carbon with nitrogen atom beam injection. But this method is not practical. ① the area is too small. ② Lasers are too expensive. ③ Crystals grow freely during synthesis, and there are also soft phases, so the hardness obtained is not high. So we analyzed that this direct synthesis method is not desirable, and independently proposed that if we want to get a large area of carbon nitride crystal film on the surface of metal, we must have an environment suitable for the growth of carbon nitride crystal, that is, the theory and method of forced crystallization. This idea was initially confirmed in the tube furnace test. Because of this result, it has been recognized and appreciated by peers at home and abroad after being published in international authoritative magazines. It has been supported by national, provincial, municipal and school science and technology departments and listed as a key research project. ④ After nearly 10 years of efforts and repeated tests, from small-scale test, pilot test to industrialization, some gratifying results have been achieved, and two invention patents for carbon nitride superhard films in this research have been successfully applied. He has published more than 50 papers at home and abroad, including international authoritative journals Physics Review B, Applied Physics A, etc., and SCI statistics has been cited more than 50 times abroad. At the end of 1999, the pilot test equipment passed the expert appraisal presided over by the provincial science and Technology Commission. It was evaluated that the technology has the international advanced level and has broad market prospects

in order to promote the rapid transformation of this achievement into production technology services, in 2000, we established Wuda Hongyi new materials Co., Ltd. on the basis of patented technology, and developed the world's first industrialized carbon nitride superhard coating machine and a full set of automated production lines

the main principle of the machine is to install a number of large-area alternating multi arc ion targets and non-equilibrium magnetron sputtering high-purity graphite targets on the outer wall of the vacuum chamber. They produce the required metal ions and carbon atoms respectively. The ions form a strong plasma area on the surface of the workpiece. During the star like operation of the workpiece, multilayer alternating carbon nitride films and metal nitride films are formed on the surface of the workpiece

compared with the same type of coating machines at home and abroad, our coating machine has the following advantages:

some coating machines generally only coat single layers or layers, but our film thickness is within nanometers, which is composed of nearly 3000 layers alternately, which has better bending resistance and friction resistance than single layers

compared with the existing technologies abroad, the application of carbon nitride superhard coating technology abroad is still in the research and development stage, and has not yet reached the practical level. Due to the use of metal over coating and forced crystallization, our bonding strength and surface hardness are much higher than the existing foreign level

compared with tin, tic, ZrN and other coating tools commonly used at home and abroad, their Vickers hardness is generally between GPa. We can mass produce workpieces with a hardness of GPA, up to 72gpa, exceeding the highest value of 64gpa reported abroad

this coating machine is improved on the basis of the traditional tin coating machine. As long as we add our patented technology to the traditional titanium nitride (gold imitation plating) machine and our special process from import to self production, we can mass produce high-quality coating tools, which improves the advantages of industrialization promotion

compared with the traditional production of titanium nitride, the production cost is about the same. Our service life is three times that of tin and ZrN. It is 10 times that of uncoated cutting tools. (taking fried dough twist drill as the test piece, it has achieved 67.8 times the satisfactory effect)

because the carbon nitride coating film has good mechanical and physical properties and ultra-high adhesion, our products are more popular in China. Now, our products have been sold in the 3303 plant of the General Assembly Department of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the 22 branch plant, 49 branch plant and diesel engine plant of Dongfeng Automobile Group Company, one of the largest automobile industry bases in China, Xiangfan axle factory, Shanghai Hengjiu industry, Hong Kong Zhicheng international group and other units have been widely welcomed

at present, our products not only bring social and economic benefits into play in cutting tools and molds, but also constantly expand the market and promote in other industries, such as home appliances, textiles, military industry, aerospace, etc. in 2002, the coating machine we sold to Hong Kong Zhicheng International Group is to apply the coating to electric hairdressers. Their advertisement: blades harder than diamond; The superhard anti friction layer plated by the 511 Institute of the Ministry of aerospace is applied to the rotating shaft

in recent years, due to insufficient market promotion and tracking services, our industry has not done enough. In the past three years, our sales revenue was 7.212 million yuan, taxes were 1.099 million yuan, and profits were 1.754 million yuan

now, we, Wuhan University Hony new materials company, have purchased 35 mu of land in Wuhan University Science and Technology Park, built a new phase I plant, a 1500 square meter production workshop, two full-automatic production lines, two large-scale production machines, and a small testing machine

In 2001, it won the small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. In 2002, it was included in the national torch plan. In 2003, the State Planning Commission approved it to be included in the special demonstration project of new materials for the industrialization of high and new technology

with the care of school leaders, provincial Party committee leaders and national science and Technology Commission leaders, our company is currently constructing a 6000 square meter R & D building. It is expected that by the end of 2005, the demonstration project has fallen to the level from 2013 to 2015. When it is completed, it will form an annual production capacity of 6million coated knives, molds and mechanical parts: 20 sets of coating equipment, which can realize sales revenue of billion yuan

knife association gives great support and care to the development of our company. Comrade Gao Xiang, executive vice president of China knife Association, has visited our company for guidance many times; Ma Xueli, a famous cutting tool expert, became the senior consultant of our company; The member units of Hubei knife association are our best metal cutting test base. On behalf of the company, I would like to express my gratitude

we teachers who have long dealt with atoms and nuclei are recruits in the field of metal cutting technology. I sincerely invite all experts present to come to our company to guide the work and participate in the research, so that this new technology can produce fruitful results in the application of metal cutting

thank you

professor pengyougui of Wuhan University

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