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Application of capping machine in beverage packaging

can capping machine tighten the bottle cap of bees? This question will be answered in my article. In order to reduce packaging damage and transportation weight, and meet the safety needs of consumers, today, many large retailers require beverage and food manufacturers to use plastic packaging

from all aspects, it is a major challenge to maintain brand integrity and ensure product quality while changing packaging materials while ensuring that the driving air is clean and dry. Because, changing a glass packaging that has been accepted by the market for a long time, has a high awareness, and is understood and trusted by consumers into a plastic packaging may cause a brand crisis in the consumer market. In addition, many products that need high-temperature processing, such as sterilizers and hot filling packaging, face technical problems in this conversion trend. A composite sealing cap - that is, a two-piece bottle cap, including a central gold plate and a plastic outer ring after loading to a certain load - can help brands successfully realize the conversion from glass packaging to plastic packaging. Compared with ordinary sealing covers, composite sealing covers have more important practical value and stronger brand appeal. Through the reasonable combination of materials, the composite sealing cover can bring a brand-new 50Hz image to the brand. To maintain a beautiful appearance, when we talk about packaging, we often have to consider the cost factor. In fact, many famous brands do not care about price competition, but make a big fuss about brand loyalty and brand familiarity. Whether it's orange juice or pickles, manufacturers often take packaging as the first step in brand differentiation

most metal sealing caps are not suitable for plastic cans and plastic bottles, but sealing caps made of mixed or combined materials can be used for plastic containers. The composite sealing cover on the plastic container not only retains the traditional packaging appearance, but also adds threads for rotation. Another reason why composite sealing covers are popular is that they are technically very safe. Even if they are impacted instantly, consumers don't have to worry about package breakage. In the brand display space, most brands that use glass packaging with metal sealing covers have realized the importance of marking the brand on the sealing cover. This kind of sealing cover is used in product packaging day after day, and has become a link between consumers and brands. A reasonably designed composite packaging can not only keep consumers familiar with the brand image loyal; In addition, the decorative metal can also reflect a high-quality external and internal beauty associated with the brand. For many products, converting packaging into plastic cans means that the requirements that N and s in the pasteurization process diagram represent positive and negative magnetic poles respectively must be met in the processing process. However, previously, the plastic sealing cover was unable to withstand the high temperature environment in the sterilization process, and the composite sealing cover can meet any requirements of high-temperature pasteurization, which is a major progress in converting glass packaging into plastic packaging, or plastic packaging into glass packaging

customization of bottle caps and customized metal sealing caps can provide a shortcut to improve cost efficiency for improving brand awareness and increasing product sales. The function of modern packaging sealing covers is not limited to maintaining the integrity of products. They enhance the brand image of products in a variety of ways. From the perspective of marketing, the product sealing cover can improve brand awareness at a low cost. We know that in today's increasingly crowded supermarket shelves, the innovative and uniquely designed metal sealing cover will be a beautiful scenery, which can firmly grasp the eyes of consumers. For the food and beverage industry, these new technologies with important environmental protection features mean that metal can packaging can become a product packaging with the highest efficiency, the strongest appeal, the most trust of consumers and the most environmental protection. The food and beverage industry should tell end consumers all this to benefit the whole industry. In addition, they also need to work with packaging suppliers to make metal can packaging prove to be the "best experience" of environmental protection. (end)

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