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China's large infusion began a new round of position grabbing

after the last round of low-cost fighting and price alliance among domestic large infusion manufacturers, the recent frequent actions of several giants all show that in the new round of competition, each family has begun to look for and seize their new position, which is not only to win the space for follow-up development, but also to position their new role. At the end of April, Shuanghe pharmaceutical announced that it had decided to establish and list the infusion business department, which was an important measure for Shuanghe pharmaceutical's "Second Entrepreneurship" - the first transformation after focusing on the three main business sectors of infusion, cardiovascular and endocrine

In May, Sichuan Kelun announced that its newly developed "vertical soft bag infusion" has achieved mass production and will soon be put on the market. Sichuan Kelun believes that this product combines the advantages of PP plastic bottle infusion and non PVC soft bag infusion, and will become the main market product of Kelun in the next stage

a little earlier, Huayuan Changfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Malaysia's Fama Shengshi company formed a joint venture Wuxi Huayuan Changfu Fama Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

this is the measure of the top three giants in the large infusion Market in 2006, although it is not uniform, but the goal is clear. It represents the general attitude of important large infusion manufacturers after two years of decline - capital increase and production expansion. However, people still remember that in previous years, the large infusion industry fell into a vicious price war, and many large manufacturers fell into the embarrassing dilemma of meager profits and weak upgrading. Will the new round of production expansion repeat the same mistakes? Or has the mentality of big infusion competitors changed unconsciously? At this moment, it is a critical time to help both sides

Shuanghe high-profile plans for change

industry insiders' analysis: Shuanghe pharmaceutical's high-profile establishment of the infusion business unit is not only aimed at developing better composite materials for the automotive, wind turbine and compressed gas storage industries, highlighting its transformation from the management mode of holding company to the group management mode based on the business unit, but also because big infusion occupies an important position in its future territory, but also for its shrinking front in the past two years Make a phased summary of the process of returning to core business and submit a summary report to the capital market

the announcement on May 23 showed that as of May 19, Beijing Pharmaceutical Group had increased its holdings of 22.80352 million circulating shares of G Shuanghe, accounting for 5.17% of the total share capital of the company. While the QFII institution Shenyin Wanguo Citigroup UBS limited increased its holdings substantially in the third quarter of 2005, holding 2180000 shares as of April 3, 2006, becoming the second largest circulating shareholder

for Shuanghe, this time, the major shareholders and QFII compete for funding in the primary market, coupled with the fact that the "leading concept" in the capital market is repeatedly popular, and the share price rises, which is naturally a performance of getting better; However, to withstand the lasting and systematic test of the capital market, it needs to be supported by its excellent performance in the large infusion market

Shuanghe pharmaceutical has seven regional large infusion production bases across the country, with an annual production capacity of about 800million bottle bags, ranking first in the industry, accounting for 12% of the overall market share of large infusion in China. However, most of its production bases are combined through mergers and acquisitions, and the internal management level lags behind the pace of rapid expansion. The subordinate infusion enterprises fight their own battles. In addition, the product line mainly focuses on ordinary infusion and glass bottle infusion, winning by quantity, so it is difficult to reflect the investment profit margin

since 2005, Shuanghe pharmaceutical has focused on solving the problems left over by history, contracted the long and fragile front formed by excessive expansion, and returned to its core business, and has achieved remarkable results. In 2005, Shuanghe pharmaceutical achieved a main business income of 4597.43 million yuan, an operating profit of 278.73 million yuan, an impairment of 187.64 million yuan, and a net profit of 186.64 million yuan. The main business maintained a good growth momentum, and the net profit hit a record high. Compared with the highest level in 2002, the net profit was 167million yuan, an increase of 12%

soft bag packaging achievement role update

as the most commonly used medical supplies in medical institutions, large infusion, even in developed countries, has stimulated extremely fierce market competition because of its large and stable clinical application. The characteristics of the large infusion Market in developed countries are also obvious: a few enterprises control the market; Complete product specifications and serialized varieties; Glass bottle, PVC composite film and non PVC composite film coexist, with non PVC composite film as the direction. At present, more than 90% of large infusion in China are still packaged in glass bottles. The glass bottle not only has the disadvantages of easy damage, inconvenient transportation, large storage volume, easy recycling and reuse, but also the dust and microorganisms in the gas during use are easy to cause liquid drug pollution. Several Sino foreign joint ventures in China basically use plastic bottles or soft bags for packaging

compared with the highly competitive glass bottle infusion market, domestic soft bag infusion only accounts for about 8% of all infusion products, showing great room for growth and profit prospects; Its advantages in safety and transportation, as well as the absence of leading enterprises among current manufacturers, have doubled its charm. After the last round of low-cost fighting and price alliance, the large domestic infusion manufacturers seem to be looking for and seizing their new positions in the new round of competition, not only to win the space for follow-up development, but also to position their new roles

recently, Shijiazhuang siyao introduced the second soft bag infusion production line with an annual output of 30million bags from Germany, increasing its production capacity of soft bag infusion to more than 60million bags. It is said that as an important manufacturer of large-scale infusion in China, the leading products of Shijiazhuang siyao, plastic bottles and non PVC soft bag infusion preparations, continue to sell well. Tonghua Dongbao infusion, which specializes in the production of soft bag infusion, also made a decision to double the production in 2006

Sichuan Kelun is more representative. Although some enterprises call Colleen "price butcher" incorrectly, Colleen was the first manufacturer to reduce the ex factory price of 500ml sugar and salt water to 1 yuan/bottle in 2003. Then many enterprises followed up and reduced the price, even reaching 0.8 yuan/bottle at the lowest. "A bottle of infusion is not worth a bottle of mineral spring water" has become a classic description of the ultra-low price of infusion in the industry. Such sales below cost will last for about one year

in 2006, collen launched a new generation of infusion product "upright soft bag infusion" with independent intellectual property rights. It is said that the vertical liquid crystal human wood panel universal experimental machine is developed and produced for the experimental testing of various physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels. Compared with the glass bottle and plastic bottle infusion commonly used at home and abroad, it has the innovative characteristics of automatic drainage, safety and environmental protection, vertical placement, convenient operation and so on. It is called the third revolution of intravenous infusion. It combines the advantages of PP plastic bottle infusion and non PVC soft bag infusion. It uses a unique sealing cover, which is easy to open with a pull ring, without adding an exhaust needle, and the liquid medicine does not contact the air, so as to ensure the purity and damage of the quality of the medicine. The first phase of the vertical soft bag infusion production line built at present has an annual output of 50million bags and an output value of 150million yuan

can't get around the old pattern

domestic infusion production enterprises want to be high-end, and there are two ways to see at present: first, the upgrading of infusion packaging materials; Second, therapeutic and other high-end infusion. Not only the upgrading of large infusion packaging, many large infusion production enterprises have also begun to set foot in high-end markets such as therapeutic infusion and nutritional infusion. However, in the face of the competition of foreign-funded infusion enterprises, domestic infusion production enterprises for testers to choose, in addition to the price advantage, can not compete in product quality, variety and specification

in 1980, as the first joint venture pharmaceutical company to enter the Chinese market, Otsuka pharmaceutical chose the large infusion with a large amount of lighting glass, which was generally believed to be of low technical content at that time; As one of the largest infusion production enterprises in Europe, Fresenius kabi company of Germany invested and established a joint venture Huarui pharmaceutical in 1987. At present, it has become its largest clinical nutrition product production base in Asia

it is understood that there are more than 300 kinds of therapeutic infusion products abroad, while only 40 kinds are often produced in China at present, and about 60% of the production capacity is concentrated in ordinary infusion varieties, such as grape enamel and sodium chloride, which are the main varieties of overproduction at present. Foreign enterprises firmly occupy the high-end infusion market of therapeutic and nutritional type by virtue of their rich varieties of large infusion and their quality advantages

although they are located in the large infusion market with small overall market capacity, Sino foreign joint venture infusion enterprises and domestic infusion enterprises seem to be in different market spaces with obvious boundaries. Obviously, if domestic infusion production enterprises want to compete for a certain market share, they need not only the courage to challenge, but also the improvement of comprehensive strength

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