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Ingersoll Rand acquires Cameron's centrifugal compression system department

Ingersoll Rand acquires Cameron's centrifugal compression system department

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Swartz, Ireland, August 18, 2014 - Ingersoll Rand (NYSE: IR), the global leader in creating a comfortable, sustainable and efficient environment, announced today that the company has reached an acquisition agreement with Cameron (NYSE: CAM), And will purchase the centrifugal compression system Department of Cameron company for us $850million. At present, this acquisition still needs to be approved by regulators and is expected to be completed by the end of this year

Cameron's centrifugal compression system division provides centrifugal compressor equipment, parts and after-sales services for global industrial applications, air separation, gas transmission and process gas. In 2013, the Department had global sales of nearly US $400million and 850 employees, and operated in 12 regions around the world where plastic zigzag testing machines are mainly used to test the performance of materials under zigzag loads. After the acquisition, turbo air? And MSG? The two brands will further expand Ingersoll Rand's brand portfolio

"Cameron's centrifugal compression system department provides us with a more comprehensive product, production, engineering and technical strength and financial synergy. It will be well integrated into our existing core business and will provide more meaningful value to our shareholders," said Michael W. lamach, chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand worldwide, "This acquisition expands our industrial technology business and will bring rapid value-added benefits to the company's earnings per share, EBITDA and return on investment capital."

this acquisition will further enhance the business strength of Ingersoll Rand compressed air systems and services, and will provide a full range of centrifugal, piston and screw compressors for industrial and production applications. Cameron's centrifugal compression system department will further expand Ingersoll Rand's compressor production, otherwise the lack of pressure on the jaw will cause the experimental data Department to show the trend of excess capacity as a whole, and the application of accurate products in the fields of air separation, petrochemical industry, chemical industry and process gas

in this regard, Jack Moore, chairman and CEO of Cameron worldwide, said: "we are very happy and look forward to the centrifugal compression system department joining Ingersoll Rand's compressed air system and service department, and providing products with a wider range of energy efficiency and gas volume, so as to provide better services to customers."

Ingersoll Rand will provide financial support for this acquisition through cash and financing

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