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Infusion plastic packaging is cautiously introduced to the market

the development of domestic infusion plastic packaging will move forward slowly and cautiously in the future. It is believed that there will be great development after the enterprises that have introduced infusion plastic packaging production lines have generally achieved technological and market success on a small platform with a fluctuation in the curve. In terms of packaging forms and packaging materials, it will certainly form a diversified situation. No matter plastic bottles or soft bags, no matter what kind of materials, there will be corresponding markets

multinational enterprises are the leaders in the development of infusion plastic packaging, such as technology, management, publicity, promotion, etc. Domestic enterprises will actively seek various forms of alliances and cooperation with multinational enterprises to enhance their own strength

while domestic enterprises spend a lot of money on introducing infusion plastic packaging production equipment, they will try to introduce foreign advanced technology, process and management of infusion plastic packaging, and pay attention to the introduction and training of all kinds of talents. In addition, we will work hard on production management, and fill in the missing items

enterprises will actively participate in scientific research and development, introduce and reserve new varieties of infusion drugs, improve the image of infusion products, and improve the added value of infusion products

it will be vigorously carried out in production enterprises. It was once in rock tennco Company and pactivcorp And other packaging production enterprises have worked in various forms of infusion plastic packaging technology exchange and information exchange, exchange experience, learn from each other, and avoid the idleness and waste of imported equipment

plastic infusion bottles will replace glass infusion bottles. Plastic infusion bottles have irreplaceable advantages over glass infusion bottles, such as small volume, light weight, low damage rate, and can save a lot of transportation and storage costs

now 26 factories in China have introduced various plastic bag packaging infusion production lines. These production lines are distributed in 12 provinces and cities such as Beijing and Tianjin, and their production capacity accounts for about 5% of the total production of plastic bag packaging infusion in China

experts believe that some problems need to be solved urgently in the production and use of plastic bag packaging infusion in China: first, the introduction and digestion of equipment, that is, the lack of strong supporting technical support on the basis of equipped with different fixtures, some automated equipment can not be used for the time being, and some machines are even idle in the warehouse for a long time. Second, the packaging materials cannot be localized with the equipment supporting the current UTM experimental machine for the time being. Such as matching pipe fittings for medical polyethylene, polypropylene particles or PVC composite membrane materials. Third, the enterprise lacks technical personnel and workers for management and operation, especially the knowledge of mechatronics, which makes it difficult to control advanced equipment

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