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Application of rectangular coordinate robot on aluminum ingot palletizer

with the development of robot technology, robot technology has been widely used in all walks of life. As an executive mechanism, the robot has convenient control and flexible executive action, and can realize complex space trajectory control. It is especially suitable for flexible production with multiple varieties and variable batches

our company takes the rectangular coordinate robot of German Bahr company as the core product and has developed a variety of industrial automation products, such as glue applicator, glue dispenser, automatic loading and unloading manipulator, palletizer, flaw detection equipment

application of Cartesian coordinate robot on aluminum ingot palletizer

Cartesian coordinate robot is used more and more on palletizer, which is characterized by a large load range, ranging from a few kilograms to a few tons; The running speed is fast, and the speed can be adjusted; Flexible action, can complete complex palletizing tasks; High reliability and simple maintenance

requirements: stacking by layer

the motion space is three-dimensional, four degrees of freedom, 4 composite Portland cement motion

stroke: 2200mm in X direction, 1500mm in Y direction, 1200mm in Z direction, horizontal rotation: +-900

can be integrated with the production line and have good communication

the maximum load weight is 150kg, and the rated load is 125kg. The layers are cross discharged at an angle of 90 degrees

each stack has nine layers, and the stack height is 1000mm

the fastest stacking speed is 1000mm/s, and the average speed is 500mm/s

stacking accuracy: 1mm

according to the above requirements, we designed a four coordinate robot

composition of robot:

the robot is composed of mounting frame, robot positioning system, servo drive system, glue supply system and glue gun, control system and electric power distribution system, safety protection device, etc

1. Robot mounting rack

because the robot stacker moves very fast, the start and stop state has a great impact on the mounting rack. The mounting frame must be very rigid to ensure the stability of the robot. For this reason, we designed a welded steel frame structure as a support frame. Because the aluminum plant has large dust and moisture, we designed an aluminum frame structure on the upper part of the robot, which should make the impacted surface of 10 samples consistent, and cover the robot with a glass cover. The advantage of using aluminum profile is light weight

2. Robot positioning system

the robot positioning system is the core of the whole equipment. It is a product of Bahr company in Germany. Due to its fast motion speed, the repetition accuracy is not high. X, the three coordinates y and Z of graphene research in various countries are selected as synchronous toothed belt transmission, the single coordinate repetition positioning accuracy is 0.1mm, and the fastest linear motion speed is 1000mm/s. Among them, the X coordinate axis is two positioning systems elz100 with a length of 3000mm and a span of 2200mm. The synchronous conveyor ensures the synchronization of the movement of the two positioning systems, and is driven by a 3000W servo motor. For the matching of driving torque and inertia, a planetary reducer is required

y-axis adopts elz100 and elr100 dual positioning systems. The reason for choosing a positioning unit with such a large cross-section is mainly because Y-axis is a double end support with a suspended structure in the middle. If the cross-section selected is not enough, the stability of robot motion will not be guaranteed. When the robot moves at high speed, it is beneficial to realize the weight reduction of the whole vehicle and will vibrate. Elz100 is the main driving structure and elr100 bit auxiliary structure. Two positioning units are used side by side, and the z-axis is clamped in the middle, which can well balance the load. This installation method has very good stability. The two positioning systems are driven by a 2500W servo motor. For the matching of driving torque and inertia, a planetary reducer is required

z axis adopts elsd100 double sliding fast full surrounding positioning system, which is firm and stable. This product is designed for the simultaneous lifting and rotation of objects. Generally, the sliding block of this product is fixed and the positioning body makes telescopic movement. The servo motor driving the positioning body is installed with the sliding block. Because the servo motor needs to lift the object quickly, it needs to overcome great gravity and acceleration force, and it needs large power

in practical application, we choose a 4000W servo motor with band brake, which is matched with a planetary reducer

the rotation axis is integrated with the Z axis, which is achieved by adding a penetrating long axis in the center of the Z axis locator. The uppermost end of the long shaft serves as the driving end and is installed together with the servo motor. The lowest end of the long shaft is used as the load end for installing objects. Because the object is heavy and the moment of inertia is large, it cannot be directly installed on the drive shaft, and a disc reducer must be added to match. The power of the servo motor is first transmitted from the long shaft to the reducer and then to the load, which realizes the function of rotating the load

3. Servo drive system

the stacking robot adopts a servo motor with PROFIBUS function. Each moving axis is equipped with a servo motor and a reducer, four moving axes, a total of four sets of servo motors and four reducers, of which the vertical moving axis is a servo motor with band brake

4. Machine gripper

this manipulator is a German Fischer pneumatic manipulator with adjustable pressure and equipped with a pressure buffer valve to make the clamping action stable

the gripper is equipped with an induction mechanism, which can automatically sense objects and notify the control center to grasp and place objects

5. Control system

the control system is composed of large PLC and touch screen. The system has powerful PROFIBUS communication function. It can transmit data to Ethernet in real time, and send control instructions to the servo system in the form of bus, so that the whole movement is quite smooth. The system can preset a variety of workpiece programs, and call the corresponding programs on the touch screen when changing varieties

6. Safety protection device

the machine has fault prompt and alarm functions, and can accurately reflect the specific location of the fault every time a fault occurs, which is convenient for rapid troubleshooting, mainly including: robot collision protection function; Inspection of workpiece installation in place; Light curtain safety protection. (end)

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