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Capital construction projects frequently increase the policy dividend of the construction machinery industry

capital construction projects frequently increase the policy dividend of the construction machinery industry

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the national development and Reform Commission disclosed on December 23 that it has recently approved six infrastructure projects with a total investment of about 25.34 billion yuan. According to preliminary statistics, since the fourth quarter, the national development and Reform Commission has approved a total of 49 projects with an amount of nearly 1.4 trillion yuan, which also puts forward higher and higher requirements for the comprehensive performance and trimming effect of aluminum alloy structures. The agency believes that the infrastructure projects intensively approved by the national development and Reform Commission will provide important support for steady growth next year and increase the demand for construction machinery. In addition, the "the Belt and Road" strategy, as the focus of economic work in 2015, with the support of the Asian investment bank and the Silk Road Fund, the construction of connectivity will enter a substantive stage, and the export of construction machinery will also usher in a good opportunity for development

the central economic work conference held recently put efforts to maintain stable economic growth in the first place, and maintain stable economic growth through the implementation of active fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy. Under the pressure of economic slowdown, since the fourth quarter, the national development and Reform Commission has accelerated the pace of project approval, and more than trillion projects have been intensively approved, involving airports, railways, highways, urban railways and other projects

it is worth noting that the Ministry of transport held a meeting on December 11, requiring the "opinions on comprehensively deepening transportation reform" to be issued as soon as possible, carefully sort out major projects in the national regional development strategic plan and take the lead in launching them, so as to make greater contributions to stimulating economic growth. At the same time, the meeting decided to hold the 2015 National Transportation Work Conference on December 28 and 29 to comprehensively deploy all work in 2015. Driven by deepening reform, various infrastructure projects are expected to accelerate the absorption of social capital, and the acceleration of construction progress will boost the demand for construction machinery

the Secretary General of the construction machinery association previously said that the equipment manufacturing industry, especially the construction machinery industry, is one of the strategic industries that the country strives to build, and it is also an important guarantee for the industrial upgrading and technological progress of various industries. In the context of the "going out" strategy, construction machinery, as an industry with strong technical competitiveness, will occupy an important position. According to relevant forecasts, driven by investment in infrastructure, real estate and manufacturing, China's construction machinery market demand will reach 837billion-851billion yuan by 2015, and the export value will rise to 26billion US dollars, becoming the world's largest construction machinery market

on the other hand, the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy will also expand the output of domestic construction machinery capacity. According to the agency's calculation, the investment demand for screw hole facilities in the center of the first end face of the Asia Pacific region in the next 10 years will reach US $8trillion, with huge potential space. According to the data, the export volume of China's construction machinery reached 19.53 billion US dollars in 2013, with Asia as the main export market, accounting for 46.9%

driven by domestic infrastructure projects, the "the Belt and Road" strategy to enhance exports, and deepening reform, the construction machinery industry is ushering in a new round of development opportunities. In addition, the recent involvement of private capital in the construction machinery industry also shows that social capital recognizes the value of the industry, and its performance and valuation level usher in a double opportunity to improve

in terms of the company, XCMG machinery is mainly engaged in mechanical products such as lifting and concrete engineering. The 2014 semi annual report shows that the overseas market revenue accounts for 12.72%, and the main business is concentrated in the Asia Pacific region. The major shareholder of the company is Xuzhou municipal government, and the reform of state-owned assets in Jiangsu will promote the progress of asset integration. Recently, the company announced that it plans to acquire the equity of four companies, including major shareholder parts. It is worth noting that the Nicaragua canal, with a total investment of 50billion US dollars, was officially started on December 22. The agency expects that the project will bring large orders to the company, with a total amount expected to exceed 40billion yuan. Liugong, a company under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guangxi, has strong competitive strength in the field of earth rock machinery. The 2014 semi annual report showed that overseas revenue accounted for 17.21%. The company's loaders, excavators and other mechanical products have participated in Thailand's transportation, water conservancy, infrastructure construction and other projects. Sany Heavy Industry is mainly engaged in concrete and excavation machinery. When the tensile strength and elongation at break were tested, the 14 year semi annual report showed that the export market had accounted for 27.57% of the main business

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