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This paper mainly introduces the application of CAXA software system in the digital design and manufacturing of domestic complete vehicles. Its low cost, low threshold and high efficiency cut into informatization, which well meets the needs of digital design and manufacturing for many years and creates considerable social and economic benefits

Guangxi Nanning special purpose vehicle factory mainly designs and manufactures 1.5-20 ton dump trucks, environmental sanitation professional vehicles, large, medium and small waste compression and transfer station equipment and semi trailers, with an annual production capacity of 1000 vehicles (sets). It is the main manufacturer of environmental sanitation professional vehicles and equipment in Guangxi, Guangxi District Technical Center, Nanning CAD Technical Service Center for small and medium-sized enterprises, and also the application training base of Nanning CAXA software

after a five-day CAXA three-dimensional software application training, the technicians of the factory used CAXA solid design software to complete the three-dimensional digital model, rendering and preassembly animation of more than 700 parts of the new environmental sanitation vehicle in only 8 days, and took the lead in the Shenzhen high tech fair. Then the factory signed a contract with Beijing for environmental sanitation equipment of more than 7 million yuan. The delivery time is very urgent, and the personalized requirements are high. CAXA entity design came into use at this time, showing its power. They applied its powerful functions, and completed the design and production in a very short time according to the different personalized requirements of the punch pressing depth (mm) of Beijing at this time, meeting the requirements of users and obtaining the praise of users, which is also the praise of CAXA entity design software

Yunma aircraft factory is the first aircraft host manufacturer to apply CAD/CAM technology in China. In recent years, in the second venture of transforming military into civilian, we have actively explored the field of civilian vehicles, developed and produced Yunma series medium-sized passenger cars, light passenger cars, rear loaded compression garbage trucks, etc., and become a modern manufacturing enterprise with a complete aircraft/automobile manufacturing system. Based on the deep understanding of the application of CAD/CAM, through the trial and comparison of several mainstream software, the domestic CAXA series software with good performance price ratio, easy to learn and use, timely service and convenient user application and development is selected as the system platform for large-scale popularization and application

in recent years, Yunma factory has been equipped with CAXA two-dimensional, three-dimensional, process, numerical control processing, etc. since then, many people have taken a fancy to more than 160 sets of performance stability software of imported machines, which are widely used in the design, process and tooling of military and civilian products. More than 500 scientific and technological personnel in the whole factory have mastered CAXA software, with a personnel penetration rate of 100%, a product coverage rate of 85%, saving more than 2 million yuan in information transformation investment, CAXA software is used to produce more than 30000 drawings (A4 pages) every year. Passenger cars, environmental protection vehicles, basket cars, cable cars, etc., which can be independently accounted for, generate an annual output value of 24million yuan and earn foreign exchange of 1million US dollars. On the CAXA platform, a tooling standard parts library of 8 categories, 531 specifications and 4000 standard drawings library is developed, which shortens the design cycle and saves more than 50% of the cost

Beijing Huacheng application technology company is a high-tech private enterprise mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of automobile body models and inspection tools. It is in a leading position in the national automobile body industry, especially in the body inspection tool project. In the past two to three years, all domestic new cars launched on the market, except those directly copied from abroad, such as ingel, Zhonghua car, antelope, Feiling, Dafa, Polaris, Hanjiang, Jiangling and other domestic new cars, their body models, especially body inspection tools, are basically designed and manufactured by Huacheng based on CAXA system. Not long ago, Huacheng completed the main model of a new vehicle for a famous domestic automobile manufacturer. Therefore, it was highly praised by relevant experts of the Department of technology for prolonging the operation time of the servo valve, and it was called "the first creation of domestic CAD/CAM software in the design and manufacturing of the main model of the whole vehicle"

In 1997 and 1998, Huacheng determined the application scheme based on the existing digimill-40l NC profiling milling machine and domestic caxa-cad/CAM system according to the actual situation. The CNC profiling milling machine is used to replace the high-cost coordinate measuring instrument. The physical source is modeled by the CNC profiling milling machine first, and the post code of the machine tool control system FIDIA is obtained. Using CAXA Manufacturing Engineer reverse engineering module, the measured data is read in according to the machining path, and then the tool path is processed into NURBS surface. At the same time, the defects are optimized and removed. After three-dimensional correction (including product modification) according to the drawing or digital model, the NC code is generated and transmitted to the NC profiling milling machine for processing. The reading of digital model adopts the multi-core and cross platform powerful data interface of CAXA system; In the drawing model, those that need NC machining are directly modeled in CAXA Manufacturing Engineer software, and those that don't need it are drawn by CAXA electronic drawing board software. For both, first draw the engineering drawing with CAXA electronic drawing board software, transfer part of the two-dimensional electronic document to CAXA Manufacturing Engineer software, and use two-dimensional wireframe for three-dimensional modeling, and the rest are drawn and output by CAXA electronic drawing board software and transferred to ordinary processing. After reverse engineering, the parts that do not need NC machining are transferred to CAXA electronic drawing board, dimensioned according to national standards, set drawing frame, title block, fill in technical requirements, produce two-dimensional engineering drawings, and transferred to general machining. Among them, the manual coordinate measuring instrument is used for detection

Huacheng uses a full set of caxa-cad/CAM software system to cut into informatization with low cost, low threshold and high efficiency, which has well met the needs of digital design and manufacturing for many years and created considerable social and economic benefits

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