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Infrastructure frenzy is coming! When the price of excavator rises

infrastructure frenzy is coming! When the price of excavator rises

China Construction machinery information

list of price increases

(1) on April 10, XCMG excavation machinery business department informed that the price of XCMG's small excavators was increased by 10%, and the price of medium and large excavators was increased by 5%

(2) on April 11, the main body of the machine, Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. issued a letter of warning to customers - the notice on the price increase of Sany excavator, which said that the price of its company's Excavator increased by 10% for small excavation and 5% for medium and large excavation

(3) on April 13, Lovol engineering machinery issued a letter of warning to customers, saying that it would increase the price of small excavators by 10% and medium and large excavators by 5%

(4) on April 14, Shandong Lingong marketing company announced that the small excavation under 10 tons of Shandong Lingong will be increased by 20000 yuan, the ton excavator will be increased by 30000 yuan, and the excavator above 30 tons will be increased by 50000 yuan

(5) in early April, Liugong's marketing personnel confirmed that the average price of excavator products increased by about 5%

(6) on April 16, Shanhe intelligent released the notice on price adjustment of Shanhe intelligent excavator, which showed that the price of all excavators will be increased by 5% - 10% from April 20

led by several leading brands in the field of construction machinery manufacturing, the general price rise in the excavator market immediately caused heated discussion in the industry. To explore the reasons behind the overall price rise of excavators and trace the source, industry experts gave the following analysis:

first, in the late stage of the epidemic, the recovery of traditional infrastructure was strong, and the momentum was strong

since the founding of new China, China's infrastructure has grown from scratch, from there to fine, and the name of "infrastructure Mania" is backed by the increasingly rapid development of China's construction machinery industry since the reform and opening up. In the spring of 2020, affected by the COVID-19, the "infrastructure maniac" had to stop running. The epidemic caused a certain scale of economic recession and unemployment, and the domestic economic growth rate was negative in the first quarter. After the epidemic, the infrastructure construction was increased to make up for the shortcomings, which became a major direction of financial development. The industry generally believes that it is expected to increase infrastructure, whether it is to stimulate the economy during the epidemic or the demand before the epidemic

according to incomplete statistics, in March 2020, the national development and Reform Commission and the transportation department approved the feasibility study reports of 33 major engineering projects, with a total investment of nearly 350 billion yuan, including 83.1 billion highway projects, 110.3 billion railway projects, 129.5 billion urban rail projects, 9 billion water conservancy and power projects, 11 billion airports and about 5 billion port and waterway and municipal projects. In addition, the project dynamics of 781.5 billion yuan was released in the first quarter

according to the judgment of industry authorities, the infrastructure investment in 2020 was 19.40 trillion, with a year-on-year growth rate of 6.58%. The monthly infrastructure investment was 859.4 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 26.86%. The monthly infrastructure investment is expected to be 18.54 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 8.89%

second, promote the resumption of work and production, and increase the demand for construction machinery

affected by the shutdown of Xinguan, the construction period of infrastructure and real estate was compressed in 2020, basically one month less. In fact, the monthly average growth rate of infrastructure and real estate investment this year was as high as 15.98% and 11.82% respectively. Based on the profitability and growth of construction machinery enterprises, "quantity" has always been the first decisive factor. The average monthly growth rate of infrastructure and real estate is of great significance to judge the demand for construction machinery, especially the demand for excavators in the field of construction machinery, which occupy a large market. With the same amount of investment, the construction period is inversely proportional to the demand for construction machinery. More construction machinery and equipment are required to cooperate in a shorter construction period, not to mention new construction projects that originally need to be started after the year. Taking excavator as an example, the professional estimates that the growth rate of domestic demand will reach about 10%

in March, driven by policies such as the accelerated resumption of work in the downstream and the superposition of overweight infrastructure, the demand for equipment improved significantly on a month on month basis. According to the statistical data released by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, a total of 49408 mining machinery products were sold nationwide in March 2020. In March last year, the sales volume of excavators in China hit the highest record of 44278 at that time, and the latest data this year increased by 11.6% on the basis of the original record. The data shows that among the 49408 mining machinery products sold in March, the domestic market sales volume was 46610, accounting for the vast majority, with a year-on-year increase of 11.2%; The export sales volume was 2798 sets, with a year-on-year increase of 17.7%. Excavators are regarded as the wind vane of the construction machinery industry. The sales data of excavators confirm that China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the opening up of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. The pent up demand during the epidemic period has been released, and the demand for end customers to purchase machines has been increasing. This is also a signal that the rate of resumption of work and production is rising, and the peak sales season of construction machinery is coming

industry experts predicted the sales volume of excavators in April: since March 15, the sales volume has increased rapidly, and some models have begun to be out of stock. Under the condition that the resumption rate of key projects is basically in place, it is expected that the sales volume of excavators in April will be the same as that in March, which will be historic, because in previous years, March was the high point of the whole year, and this April may also be the high point. It is expected that the sales volume of excavators in April will increase by about 55% year-on-year

III. insufficient upstream supply, difficult transportation, and rising downstream costs

since the end of the first quarter, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, and the situation is clear, but the overseas epidemic is rampant, and the situation is worrying. The overseas supply chain of construction machinery has been impacted, and the European part of the upstream of the industrial chain and some production lines of Japanese suppliers have been suspended. Although the localization substitution degree of domestic small excavation is high, however, the engine At present, the components in hydraulic parts still rely on imports, and the supply chain of core components is tightening, resulting in an increase in the procurement cost of domestic follow-up components. In addition, countries have closed ports and suspended flights, making transportation more difficult and freight costs higher. Although the impact in this regard is generally weak, the sum of various costs is finally reflected in the terminal price

as an important supporting equipment of construction machinery, will lubricating oil products follow the trend and increase their prices? For this problem, analysts in China's construction machinery information industry said that in 2020, the sudden epidemic and international oil price fluctuations disrupted the pace of the industry and seriously impacted the industrial chain. Therefore, problems often occurred in the downstream and even caused some factories to shut down, the operation demand of industrial equipment and the reduction of car travel. As a barometer of the economy, the demand for lubricants decreased significantly. At present, the epidemic situation in China tends to be gentle, but the impact of the epidemic on the lubricant market still exists. From the perspective of the automotive lubricant market, the 2019 white paper on China's lubricant industry specially planned "in the post epidemic era, the sword points to the C-end market, how can lubricant + counter attack?" The special report pointed out that the epidemic may expose the disadvantages of the traditional automobile after-sales market, such as the lack of guarantee of service quality, incomplete distribution of goods in stores, and so on. The epidemic has just ended, and people will pay more attention to the quality of life. The hydrostatic testing machine is a kind of equipment widely used for testing the hydraulic pressure strength, sealing performance, static pressure explosion and other performance of valves, pipe fittings, pressure vessels, gas cylinders and other products. The suppressed consumption may appear as "retaliatory high-end consumption" in a short time. Under the pressure of survival, maintenance stores will face more intense and brutal knockout competitions. For the current vehicle disinfection and sterilization project aimed at the prevention and control of vehicle epidemic, the "disinfection and sterilization war" is full of smoke, and 0 yuan is free everywhere. It can be said that the COVID-19 will accelerate the speed of industry reshuffle and head competition. For maintenance stores, air conditioning disinfection and other businesses will become rigid needs within a certain period of time. This is an incremental business. The overall recovery of the real maintenance business is expected to be in May and June. Therefore, in the post epidemic stage, the top priority of the lubricant market is still to stimulate demand, and a sharp price rise in a short time is unrealistic

according to the data of the 2019 white paper on China's lubricant industry, the apparent consumption of lubricant in China in 2019 was 7.1968 million tons. Lubtop big data research center conducts in-depth research and analysis from the aspects of crude oil price fluctuations, the impact of crude oil price fluctuations on base oil, domestic base oil production, lubricant additive price fluctuations, and changes in lubricant transportation costs, which objectively reflects the actual situation of the lubricant market. In the post epidemic era, we will have a deeper understanding of the current industry market volume, brand strategy analysis, new online and offline marketing strategies, industry pain points and new opportunities. The 2019 white paper on China's lubricant industry empowers brands with new ideas, provides multi-dimensional references for industry enterprises to fight for 2020, helps Chinese lubricant industry brand owners seize the first opportunity, and further promotes the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Welcome to subscribe and inquire

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