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Ingenuity comes out alone and shines in the world -- new products of Sany C series tower cranes are launched

to facilitate the adjustment of detection position; Servo motor drives the precision lead screw to drive the loading actuator to move along the Z axis to realize the application of experimental force

recently, the new product observation meeting of Sany tower crane C series with the theme of originality emerging independently was grandly held in Ningxiang Industrial Park. More than 100 hoisting elites from all over the country gathered here to jointly feel the strength of cutting-edge technology

facing the new situation of the tower crane market, Sany, adhering to the innovative spirit of breaking the cocoon, launched Sany tower crane C series. The c-series trump products sft80 (T) and sft160 (T) flat head tower cranes launched this time are new sharp tools for prefabricated building hoisting construction

in addition, the C series also has many highlights that deserve attention whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed upside down.

the industry's first low-pressure control integrated system is supported, which is easy to install, and the fault tends to zero. It realizes the tower crane's anti-collision, anti slip hook, anti-collision, anti fall, and anti tower collapse, providing a higher safety guarantee for the equipment operation. Repeated several times can release the air in the oil circuit system

with the new variable-frequency rotation technology, the speed fluctuation is reduced by 50%. The equipment operates stably, stops accurately, and starts and stops quickly. The three mechanisms are fully variable-frequency controlled, with stable starting and braking and longer service life. This solves the pain points such as the inverter cannot turn upside down and stops too slowly, and provides technical support for accurate positioning during operation

the quick installation structure can realize the whole machine to be lifted for half a day, which is more convenient for disassembly and assembly, less worry and less effort

the new operation cabin adopts the die pressing process and overall electrophoresis, which can prevent corrosion throughout its life and increase the space by 20%

brand new guardrail platform system, hot-dip galvanizing corrosion prevention, lifelong non rusting, new wiring, neat and beautiful cables

in addition to safety and performance, the new tower crane of C series has been upgraded in terms of humanized design, such as real-time display of 12 working conditions,> real-time alarm of 20 fault self diagnosis information, and upgrading of high-definition color display to 7 inches. These improvements have greatly improved the operation efficiency

new image, new texture, new experience, the launch of C series, whether in terms of product performance or technical strength, are not the same as the requirements of experimental conditions, and the upgrading of the hard power of Sany tower crane. At present, Sany tower crane has covered 9 main sales models ranging from 63 ton meters to 500 ton meters, including pointed head, flat head and boom type. With the constant pursuit of quality, Sany tower crane will not only meet the basic requirements of safety and reliability, but also continue to provide intelligent and comfortable levels, and create greater value for customers with the business philosophy of everything for customers and everything from innovation

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