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Ingene and Microsoft launched ingene omnipresence in Asia. Microsoft and ingene announced the launch of an intelligent customer contact and management solution in Asia that combines the advantages of both sides. Ingene omnipresence, a global provider of healthcare solutions, announced the launch of ingene omnipresence in Asia at the sixth pharmafuture conference, a meeting of thought leaders

many business leaders in Chinese Mainland from the world's top 20 biopharmaceutical companies (including Bi, Bayer, BMS Gilead, GSK, J & J, Eli Lilly, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer and Sanofi) attended this year's pharmafuture conference. Sanjay virmani, executive vice president of indegene, discussed the global challenges of business execution in the industry today in his opening speech. When summarizing the current business execution in the field of life sciences, sang Yanchang and other Jie said: manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in technology in the field of customer contact, but the utilization rate of these systems is less than 30%. A research report shows that 56% of enterprises are not satisfied with their current digital deployment level. Because the orderly withdrawal of production capacity will become an inevitable choice for pingkuang group in the next few years, it is now necessary to re-examine the value of these investments and explore whether these investments can really promote the creation of great value for all users and customers. Methacrylate can make these materials transparent, stable, and have good hardness

unlike the business execution tools in the era when sales force is dominant, ingene omnipresence (IO) is designed to create greater value for internal and external customers in a modern environment. Its intelligent workflow and functions are oriented to sales, regional medical consultants (MSL), key account managers (KAM), Ultimately, it is customer-oriented. Relying on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a flexible multi tenant business application platform, IO is scalable, globally available, and very secure. Ingene's full stack solution further uses all the power of office suite and cloud services, LinkedIn (LinkedIn) professional network, Cortana analysis and azure machine learning, and can create value with its modern intelligent way. In addition, with simplified support operations from training and deployment to continuous content creation to generating insight, IO goes far beyond traditional SaaS (software as a service) CRM (Customer Relationship Management)/sfa (sales capability Automation) tools

indegene introduction

indegene () supports global healthcare organizations to meet complex challenges and promote better health and business outcomes through seamless integration of analysis, technology, operations and medical expertise. Ingene's IP based solutions help customers drive revenue and productivity growth by making transformative leaps in digital customer contact, medical reform, healthcare cost reduction, and treatment effectiveness improvement

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