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Ingersoll Rand China 2015 campus air conditioning design competition ended

Ingersoll Rand China 2015 campus air conditioning design competition ended

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on May 4, 2015, Shanghai - April 30, 2015, Ingersoll Rand, the global leader in creating a comfortable, sustainable development and efficient environment, announced the successful conclusion of the "Ingersoll Rand China 2015 campus air conditioning design competition". This is the second consecutive year that Ingersoll Rand has held this event, and it has been carried out jointly with teachers and students from 27 universities, including Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China University of technology, Tianjin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and South China University of technology. Since the start of the competition in October last year, the contestants have focused on the innovative theme of "innovation changes life - the design and application of light commercial and household air conditioners", gave full play to their wisdom and creativity, integrated the three characteristics of green, novel and practical into the creative design at the same time, and jointly imagined and discussed with Ingersoll Rand that there was no fault 3: the results of the tensile machine test were inaccurate: innovation and development of the air conditioning industry

the closing ceremony of the competition was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University. Mr. Sun Jiancheng, vice president and general manager of Ingersoll Rand Asia's planned annual treatment of 2.7 million tons of urban construction waste Pacific Engineering Technology Center, Mr. Zhang Junliang, deputy dean of the school of mechanical and power engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Mr. Gu Xiyao, Secretary of the general Party branch of the school of mechanical and power of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and more than 200 students from major universities attended the event, And jointly witnessed the extraordinary creativity of the award-winning team and its works

this creative competition is divided into two parts: the preliminary competition and the on-site final. The jury, composed of Ingersoll Rand's senior technical experts and professors from various colleges and universities, carefully evaluated and selected the four key indicators of energy conservation and environmental protection, novelty, practicality and cost control of the works, and selected 7 finalists and 14 third prize works from a large number of entries. At the final on April 29, the contestants enthusiastically expounded their creativity and experimental process, and made an in-depth defense against the technical difficulties and creative points in product design. After fierce competition and competition, the jury finally selected two first prize and five second prize from seven final works, among which Chen Xiaoyuan, a 2013 graduate student of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and WAN Xuefei, a 2012 undergraduate of South China University of technology, won the first prize

as a world leading diversified industrial company with a history of more than 140 years, Ingersoll Rand can maintain one of the secrets of its Evergreen Foundation is "innovation". In particular, the Trane brand, which has a history of 100 years, has become a leader in the HVAC industry with a history of continuous innovation. "As one of Ingersoll Rand's five core values, innovation has been deeply embedded in the company's daily operations, such as users in the process of operation and has become an important driving force for us to maintain our competitive advantage." Mr. Sun Jiancheng, vice president and general manager of Ingersoll Rand Asia Pacific Engineering Technology Center, said, "At the same time, we also attach great importance to the cultivation of the creativity of the young generation. This year is the second consecutive year that we have held the air conditioning creativity competition. We hope to create an innovation platform for college students, so as to improve everyone's hands-on ability and innovation awareness, transmit innovative ideas, promote innovative awareness, drive more young people to join the ranks of innovation, and then promote the development of the entire air conditioning industry."

in order to let students better understand Ingersoll Rand's talent training plan that focuses on the combination of innovation and practice, Ingersoll Rand also made a detailed introduction to the company's accelerated development training program and sales development training program at the closing ceremony, and encouraged students to accumulate more and practice more to strengthen their innovation ability. In the enthusiasm and creative atmosphere of the students, Ingersoll Rand China 2015 campus air conditioning design competition came to a successful conclusion. The company will also continue to pay attention to the cultivation of the innovation ability of the younger generation, lead the development of the air conditioning industry, and continue to promote the construction of innovation culture in a broader field

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