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Infrastructure investment increased to ensure steady growth in the fourth quarter

recently, whether from the perspective of projects approved by the national development and Reform Commission or from the perspective of local intensive start-up projects, long-term and mega projects have increased significantly, and transportation infrastructure projects account for the bulk, with an investment of hundreds of billions

at the same time, in order to achieve the goal of stabilizing investment in the fourth quarter, a new round of thorough research on major investment projects by the central and local governments is also being vigorously promoted. Industry experts pointed out that recently, the central government, ministries and commissions and local governments have frequently voiced their views on stabilizing growth and conducted intensive research on major projects, which highlights the importance of stabilizing investment. In this context, the launch of major investment projects will help stabilize investment, and the boosting effect will gradually appear

On the morning of November 8, the mobilization meeting for the commencement of the first phase of China nylon City railway private line project in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province was held, which is a microcosm of the recent commencement of several railway private line projects

Yuan Da, director and spokesman of the Policy Research Office of the national development and Reform Commission, previously said that in order to further understand the needs of ports, enterprises and logistics parks for the construction of railway private lines, the national development and Reform Commission, together with the National Railway Group and other relevant parties, conducted a national survey, and relevant local governments and enterprises submitted a number of railway private line projects. According to the principles of considerable traffic volume, good benefits and rapid promotion of preliminary work, a number of railway private line projects to be promoted and implemented from 2019 to 2020 are combed and proposed, with a total investment of about 120billion yuan, and the project construction funds are mainly enterprise investment

at the same time, a number of major projects focusing on transportation infrastructure have also entered the intensive approval period. On November 7, the Department of transportation of Yunnan Province released the EIA report of the Chongqing Kunming high speed railway project. On the same day, the construction of Guiyang rail transit line S1 phase I project also started. A few days ago, on November 1, Zheng Jian, deputy director of the infrastructure development department of the national development and Reform Commission, led a team to Sichuan to investigate the Chengdu Xining high-speed railway project, with a total investment of 81.595 billion yuan, and strive to start construction in 2020

as of October this year, the total amount of transportation infrastructure projects approved by the national development and Reform Commission was 1127.2 billion yuan, of which urban rail transit accounted for the highest proportion, 49.12%. Especially since the second half of this year, the national development and Reform Commission has approved dozens of infrastructure projects, including 18 railway projects and subway projects in many cities, involving an investment of nearly 500billion yuan

this year's government work report proposed to speed up the implementation of a number of key projects in line with the national development strategy. Including 800billion yuan of railway investment and 1.8 trillion yuan of highway and water transportation investment, accelerating the planning and construction of Sichuan Tibet railway, and increasing investment in infrastructure such as intercity transportation, logistics, civil and general aviation. In the first three quarters of this year, the investment in transportation fixed assets reached 2291.8 billion yuan. Among them, the investment in railway fixed assets is 554.56 billion yuan, with a completion rate of 69%. The industry points out that this means that 50% of the tasks in the first three quarters need to be completed in the last quarter, and the acceleration of investment is self-evident

at the bell ringing ceremony, it is noteworthy that the promotion of the pilot project of building a transportation power has also become a "booster" for the acceleration of transportation infrastructure. Recently, the construction of the first batch of 13 regional transportation power pilot projects in Shenzhen, xiong'an New Area in Hebei and Guizhou has accelerated, and major engineering projects have become an important starting point. Chen Yiqin, the governor of Guizhou Province and the leader of the provincial leading group for promoting the construction of a powerful transportation country, said that efforts should be made to make up for the shortcomings in the transportation field, speed up the upgrading and reconstruction of high-speed railways, highways, civil aviation, water transportation, county and township roads, and the construction of key road projects such as the Guizhou section of the western land and sea new channel

to achieve the goal of stabilizing investment in the fourth quarter, a new round of thorough research on major investment projects by the central and local governments is also being vigorously promoted. From the recent economic situation symposium held by many provinces to test and protect the cost of decline, "stabilizing investment" has become an important option for all regions to cope with the downward pressure of the economy and sprint to the fourth quarter economy. Many places are actively deploying to stabilize industrial growth, promote effective investment, grasp project construction, and go all out to complete the expected goals and tasks of the whole year

for example, in order to promote the implementation of the 100 day critical action of major projects in the province, the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission has carried out local research on the construction of major projects in multiple ways in the past week. In addition, the provincial development and reform system investment business training was held, and specific arrangements were made for the recent preparation of major projects in the provincial development and reform system, the preparation and reporting of large and medium-sized projects in 2020, and the 100 day critical action

Zhang Xiaoguang, secretary and director of the Party group of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, also went to Xi'an to investigate and supervise the steady growth work, emphasizing the construction of key projects. Focusing on welcoming the "14th National Games", we will strive to promote the construction of key projects such as the "three centers", the reconstruction of old residential areas, and the subway, expand effective investment, and form more physical workload

fan Ruoying, a researcher at the Institute of international finance of Bank of China, said that the intensive construction of major projects is conducive to supporting the growth of infrastructure investment. On the one hand, it is conducive to accelerating the implementation of projects and driving the growth of infrastructure investment; On the other hand, it shows the determination to "stabilize investment", which is conducive to enhancing the confidence of social capital. She said that taking into account the government's increased financial support and the increase in the issuance of special bonds and the formation of physical volume, some new special bonds will be issued in advance next year. It is expected that infrastructure investment will continue to pick up in the fourth quarter, becoming the main driving force for "stable investment"

Guotai Jun cooperates while competing. An analyst Li Shaojun believes that the counter cyclical adjustment policy and physical properties are also stronger than SBS, which is expected to increase in the fourth quarter. The data of infrastructure construction is at an inflection point and will become the cornerstone of "stabilizing the economy". Infrastructure investment has entered the stage of making up for weaknesses and focusing on utility. Among them, the project reserve superimposed policy guidance, driving transportation has become the biggest attraction in infrastructure construction

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