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IDC released the top 10 forecasts for the global cloud computing market in 2021

the cloud centric operation model has developed into an indispensable part of the modern IT environment. The great impact of the epidemic on the economic and physical world in 2020 highlights the importance of flexibility and flexibility. Organizations of all sizes now regard cloud as not only the host of their forward-looking IT strategy, but also the key component we are doing well. The following are IDC's top ten predictions on cloud technology and the way these technologies are adopted for the development in the next five years

prediction 1: well connected cloud

by 2021, all enterprises will struggle in the application modernization and data integration across cloud islands, and 20% of enterprises will adopt the Internet Cloud Architecture to overcome these obstacles

forecast 5: Industry Cloud expansion

by 2022, enterprises will spend 20% of their new cloud service expenditures on cloud solutions that meet the data sharing requirements of specific industries and ecosystems in their vertical market segments

prediction 10: data centric Cloud Architecture

by 2025, more than a quarter of new cloud applications will use data-centric event driven architecture instead of transmission, so enough free space should be left around the experimental machine for a systematic code centric architecture, so as to achieve better automation and business agility

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idc futurecaps

idc futurecaps' analysis and interpretation of technology, market and ecosystem can help CIOs better understand future trends and the impact of IT organizations on enterprises. The report also began to point out the maze for CIO in the complex and volatile environment, and put forward actionable and enforceable recommendations. Every year, IDC will have a series of key external drivers that will affect the direction of enterprises in the next few years. Futurescape put forward ten predictions and analyzed the impact on IT enterprises according to these driving factors in the infiltration process, and gave relevant suggestions for the next five years

note: the report will be adjusted according to the actual situation

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