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ICT companies explore business transformation and actively participate in smart city PPP projects

recently, the official of the Ministry of science and technology announced that according to the latest quarterly report released by the Ministry of finance government social capital cooperation (PPP) comprehensive information platform project library, as of the end of June this year, there were 20 warehousing projects in the field of science and technology, including 9 demonstration projects, mainly focused on the construction of smart cities

with the rapid progress of smart city construction, the application of PPP mode in information system, information infrastructure construction and other aspects will continue to increase. In addition, given the increasingly prominent role of big data and cloud computing in the construction of high-stage smart cities, it is still necessary to increase investment in improving network capacity and industrial chain integration in the future

the relevant person in charge of the smart city business department of Dewei video believes that with the continuous promotion of the PPP project, the prosperity of the smart city industry will continue to maintain. Smart city investment will gradually transition from a single hardware infrastructure investment to a diversified software and hardware integration investment mode. Government departments will have higher and higher requirements for the software technical strength and core functions provided in smart city projects. Enterprises with core capabilities such as big data and cloud computing will achieve rapid growth in 2017, when PPP is rapidly launched

various signs show that many enterprises in the industry are looking for suitable opportunities to obtain the construction right of smart city projects in the mode of PPP. In the first half of this year, Dewei video won the bid for the Danyang smart city project (with a scale of 147 million yuan) as a provincial PPP pilot project in Jiangsu Province in the form of consortium bidding

according to the published analysis of the bid winning of smart city +ppp project, a number of ICT listed companies appear in the list of bid winning enterprises. For example, Yi Hualu obtained the operation right of PPP projects such as Penglai City, Yantai City, Shandong Province, and Yinjiang shares obtained the operation right of PPP security projects such as Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. Jiadu technology, gaoxinxing, Wanda information, Saiwei intelligence, Chinatelecom and other companies have also obtained some PPP project orders and operation rights

Dewei video actively explores to promote the construction of China's new smart city through the PPP innovation mode

the PPP mode not only solves the constraints of large investment and slow payment collection of smart city projects, but also makes the enterprise change from the original single project bidder to the role of general contractor integrator, so that it can integrate all aspects of resources and data, and improve project quality, construction and operation efficiency. The above-mentioned interviewees of Dewei video said that Dewei video is becoming a leading smart city integrated service provider in China, and is gradually changing from project construction to project operation. It exports services and operations, accumulates operational assets, and provides information means and platform support for the government's urban management and services, as well as agricultural, tourism Industries including education develop a new generation of functional beauty solutions Internet + provide platform services and support

data show that 100% of China's cities above the sub provincial level, 89% of cities at and above the prefecture level, and 47% of cities at and above the county level are promoting the construction of smart cities. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China will also carry out pilot work on 100 new smart cities

the proportion of smart city projects in the third batch of demonstration projects has been greatly increased, and has received the attention of the state and the Ministry of finance. The market scale will be further expanded in the future. From the perspective of sub areas, most smart city projects focus on the comprehensive application of the government, and the public security and transportation sectors account for a large proportion. In terms of regional distribution, China's smart city PPP projects are unevenly distributed across regions, with a relatively high number of projects in Shandong, Guizhou, Henan, Yunnan, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and other provinces

the development of smart cities needs to go through four stages: digitalization, networking, intellectualization and intellectualization. Judging from the development of large and medium-sized cities in China, most cities have completed the tasks of the first and second stages of smart city construction, that is, digitalization and networking, and some cities have moved towards the stage of intelligence and intelligence

intelligent stage, embodied in intelligent charging, intelligent transportation, intelligent factory and many other aspects; The intellectualization stage is the stage of interconnection of all things. Driven by human wisdom, the functions of all parts of the city are optimized to realize the intellectualization of the city and basically build a smart city

according to the respondents of Dewei video, the role of core technologies such as big data and cloud computing in the construction of high-stage smart cities. At present, the popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper, which cannot be ignored. These high technologies can provide public resources management, intelligent transportation, safe cities, smart government and other services to the government and other public departments. Through AI, cloud computing and other technologies, efficient collection, effective integration, quality and after-sales can be guaranteed, including the use of government data and social data, improving the working mechanism of the government's use of big data, and taking the use of big data as an important means to improve the government's governance ability, constantly improving the pertinence and effectiveness of government services and supervision

the interviewees of Dewey video believe that at this stage, the government's appeal for smart cities is mainly to solve the increasingly tense energy consumption, pollution and urban safety problems. Therefore, in the future, the relevant applications involving people's livelihood, such as intelligent transportation, intelligent home and intelligent street lamps, will be 2. Gas exchange pressure difference tester; Development priorities

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