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In 2020, the Gold Award for the satisfaction of IOT and embedded technology hardware suppliers was hot, and Advantech was the winner of the Gold Award for suppliers

Abstract: VDC research company recently issued the 2020 IOT and embedded technology hardware supplier satisfaction award. The manufacturers who won the award have their embedded processors, motherboards/modules and integrated systems/servers products and solutions publicly recognized by the industry. Advantech won the 2020 VDC research IOT and embedded technology hardware supplier satisfaction Gold Award for its high-quality board modules, systems and servers. The award was announced by VDC as part of their research report

this award is based on the supplier satisfaction rating obtained from the VDC research company's global IOT Lianhe edge engineering and development survey. The interviewees included more than 700 project/product management and procurement decision makers from OEMs, system integrators, engineering service companies and other organizations, such as CTOs, engineering and product managers, hardware engineers and software developers. Respondents rated only those suppliers who had purchased commercial computer hardware in recent projects

in the satisfaction score of each hardware category (processor, motherboard and module, system and server), the six suppliers with the highest score were awarded the gold medal status. The needs of many products in the market are unique, and a wide range of suppliers and solutions can effectively meet these needs. The award-winning manufacturers mainly analyze suppliers whose market penetration reaches at least 20 customer samples

Table 1: the possibility of using existing suppliers for similar projects within three years from now

the market is full of uncertainty

in general, organizations that purchase third-party embedded and OEM hardware are very satisfied with the existing suppliers in the ecosystem. More than 70% of the respondents believed that their company would continue to use existing hardware suppliers within three years. However, not everyone is satisfied with the current product development and strategic direction of their technology suppliers. Many people question whether the solution they choose can remain competitive with their future designs and products. Embedded processor, motherboard and system suppliers are facing increasing pressure to provide greater (application specific) support, capabilities/features, development/design tools and other resources to support emerging workloads such as 5g, ai/ml, autonomy, edge computing, software definition architecture and virtualization. Technological innovation and competition in all industries are accelerating, and more embedded/oem support is needed to create value

2020 gold medal embedded hardware supplier

product selection standards vary

although the support and ability of specific suppliers are very important, if there is no suitable hardware to meet the design needs, it will be meaningless for it to take root in the laboratory for more than 10 years. Although cost is still an important factor for hardware selection to move towards green development, software development and greater support for extending the life cycle can shorten the time to market, achieve greater organizational flexibility and bring great value to future oriented design. The importance of software development tools and resources for product selection criteria of all types of hardware of semiconductors, circuit boards/modules and systems has greatly increased. When OEMs and other manufacturers obtain higher-level integrated hardware and development platforms from third-party suppliers, they can focus more internal resources and R & D on those real differentiated areas that are usually hidden in software, analysis and cloud design elements

chart 2: when choosing embedded and OEM hardware, the most important thing is the product characteristics, not the price

the era is still changing

the emergence of IOT many years ago redefined the creation of industrial value and the demand for embedded and OEM computing solutions. Embedded technology providers are forced to develop with the proliferation of connections and add new functions, services and support. In particular, end-to-end security has also become very urgent. All leading technology providers are making acquisitions and expanding cooperation to reduce potential attack areas. Now, new cutting-edge workloads and technologies force enterprises to reassess the capabilities of their hardware suppliers in current and future projects, focusing on the next wave of IOT development. As original equipment manufacturers, integrators and other engineering companies strive to remain competitive against the backdrop of shrinking project schedules, tight development budgets and more complex overall designs, it is more important than ever to choose the right hardware partners

Published in German Applied Chemistry (angew. chem. int. ed. 2017, doi: 10.1002/anie.201702162)

chart 3: the most important factors when considering the suppliers of IOT components and the whole solution

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