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IDC predicts that in the future, the CAGR of China's private cloud platform construction market will exceed 20%

Beijing, the support of government policies on October 13, 2017, the demand for enterprise digital transformation and the wide application of the third platform technology have become the main driving forces for the development of the private cloud market. After several years of technology accumulation and market exploration, the private cloud platform construction market will maintain a rapid growth trend in the next five years. IDC's statistics on the market scale of private cloud platform construction include three sub markets: infrastructure hardware, infrastructure software and services related to private cloud. The details are as follows:

infrastructure hardware includes: servers, external storage, data center network equipment and security equipment

infrastructure software includes: computing software, storage software, network software and security software

services include: project related services, outsourcing services, support and training services

IDC has the following research findings on China's private cloud platform construction market:

in 2016, The entire private cloud platform construction market has reached 45 US $900million (about 30.24 billion yuan). IDC predicts that the whole market will still achieve a compound annual growth rate of 23.2% in the next five years. By 2021, the market scale will reach 130 The scale of US $200million (about 85.77 billion yuan). The three sub markets of infrastructure hardware, infrastructure software and services in the private cloud platform construction market are growing rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. This shows that the private cloud market is still in a growth period, and much of the growth comes from the demand for new businesses

in terms of the size of the market segment, infrastructure hardware and services account for the vast majority, reaching 96.1% in 2016. Although the technical characteristics of the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by the infrastructure software StarTech occupy the smallest market share, the compound annual growth rate is the largest, reaching 31.3%, and the market share has also increased from 3.9% in 2016 to 5.3% in 2021. Software definition, computing, storage and networking, and the corresponding management software determine the overall architecture of the private cloud platform, which also affects the choice of hardware and services; Security software is the guarantee for the stable operation of private cloud platform. Enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of IT security and become an indispensable part of private cloud platform

from the perspective of IT investment, industries with strong IT capabilities are still the backbone of building private clouds. In addition to establishing a cloud platform to meet their own needs, some industry leaders in IT capabilities and it resources also create an industry cloud according to the characteristics of the industry, which can be provided to other enterprises in the same industry with weak it capabilities and insufficient IT resources to successfully convert it capabilities into profitability

in terms of industries, the three industries that invested the most in the construction of private cloud platforms in 2016 were government, finance and telecommunications, accounting for 56.3% of the entire market. In 2016, various vertical ministries and commissions and governments at all levels continued to invest in the government cloud, and the construction of private cloud was in full swing; This year is also the year of deepening the reform of China's financial industry. China's financial industry is entering a new era of fintech, represented by cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Because the packaging bag structure can be customized according to requirements, the wheel making fintech is having an unprecedented impact on China's financial industry and will cause great changes; Whether it is the demand of the huge basic network of the telecommunications industry for new networks to be flexible and easy to control and support innovative services, or the higher requirements of the planned 5g business for network management capabilities, as well as the requirements of telecom operators to enhance collaboration efficiency while reducing management and maintenance costs. These demands have promoted the testing and deployment of new networking technology NF in telecommunications and transmission networks if the belt deformation is too large, so many new product physical structures have emerged: liquid, viscous, powdery, granular and particulate v/sdn

Li Zhao, research manager of IDC China enterprise research department, said that the scale of private cloud platform construction market will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. For some enterprises that still have concerns about public cloud security or have strict industry supervision, private cloud is a more acceptable way to go to the cloud. Software and services will become the focus of market growth in the next few years. Manufacturers that can provide overall solutions and professional services will have greater advantages in the private cloud platform construction market

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